About Oligo Group

The Oligo Development Group was established in 2006 by its founder and president, Eric Brisson, a young local entrepreneur, who’s still living in the Prescott/Russell County.

While Oligo builds semi and fully-detached homes in many of the rural communities of Ottawa, our specialty is developing and building low-rise 2 or 3 story condominiums – ideal for individuals who want to live in the countryside while benefiting from a maintenance-free lifestyle.

Our Pride and Joy is presently located in Embrun; it is the Promenade Quatre Saisons project.

We also have developments in Casselman, Embrun, Russell, St-Isidore, St-Albert, Limoges and Crysler.

The secret to our longevity is no doubt based on our beliefs – the community, our customers and our employees are at the core of our decision-making process.

We have big-city thinking with small-town values.